Greetings, Everyone!

My name is Nikolaj Raahauge and I am currently 40 years of age. I’m also a father of 3, living in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

I make a living as an independent Management Consultant, doing a variety of consultancy tasks and jobs primarily with IT programs and projects.

It is my goal to enable the best in myself and my colleagues, as most projects and organisations I’m involved with, are in reality highly complex adaptive systems. With this realisation comes the need for facilitation rather than top-down management, to enable the emergence of project success.

When I’m not dabbling in the realms of management, organisation and projects, I’m an avid music fan (mostly rock, but also jazz, electronica and classical) with a dedication to analogue hifi and live events. I am also a big fan of the streaming music, so I do not consider myself religious; I’ve simply chosen to focus on an analogue representation of sound through my hifi system.

To me, nothing beats the vinyl lp media when it comes to artistic expression. So many releases, like the remastered re-issue of Hendrix’ catalogue by Music on Vinyl , with full booklets, fresh and vivid colours, hands down beat their CD counterparts.

I consider my stereo to be pretty simple:

  • Pickup (Benz Micro Wood M2)
  • Turntable (Clearaudio Ambient)
  • Amplifier (Audio Note OTO PP)
  • Speakers (Tannoy HPD-315)

My take on the realm of hifi is show me the money! Meaning, that I do not fall for the latest shiny gadgets, promoted by clever sales people, that honest to god, believe the only speaker cable able to produce quality sound, is silvercoated thousand dollar editions made of the latest state of the art space-ready materials. Or, for that matter, praise tubes in an amps where the primary function of the tube is to provide a cozy light.

So what do I want with this blog? Well, it will be home to posts on various subjects from vinyl lp releases, hifi geekery and general music items, to topics like project management, PRINCE2 and software development. Sometimes it’ll simply be linkposts with reflections on interesting stuff I’ve stumbled upon.

Should you be so inclinded, you’re more than welcome to contact me, either on twitter or linkedin.

Technical stuff
The blog is a so called baked blog made with plenty of love, ruby and Jekyll. Basically, what this means is, that the blog is generated on my mac and then uploaded to my hosting provider. At the current amount of content, it takes me just about a minute to generate and deploy the blog.

The design of this blog is based on the theme running on m8ck’s blog and inspired by the theme used on Allessandro Mellandris Octopress based site. I use Byword as my main Markdown editor along with various other tools of the trade: