★ Training Science - Fitness vs Rest

June 20, 2013 linked by Nikolaj Raahauge

I’m currently trying to kick myself into gears and get back to training; not always an easy task! The Flamme Rouge site really helped me understand acronyms like: TSS, ACL, CTL and TSB with their in-depth articles. It’s mostly focussed on cycling, but with these specific terms, it’s equally fine for running.

This particular article is about the important relationship between training and recovery:

Training is a combination of effort and recovery. Just as the effort has to be at the right intensity, so does the recovery. Intense Recovery may seem an oxymoron, but we have to pay as much attention to our recovery as we do our training. Not everyone does.

So how do you ensure you hit the right numbers and maintain constant, sustainable, measurable progression? As you’ll see from other supporting factsheets in this thread; each training session you undertake elicits a training stress on the body. To be of value, we need to measure or define that stress and make use of the information it gives.