Always render Markdown in DEVONthink Pro

Always render Markdown in DEVONthink Pro

April 19, 2015 written by Nikolaj Raahauge

While perusing the DEVONthink Pro manual for information on variables (to be used in a Markdown based annotation template) I stumbled on this little gem:

defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 RenderMarkdown True

This will make DEVONthink Pro always render Markdown per default and so inverts the Best Alternative (CMD+ALT+P) function. This means that you’ll be required to toggle off the rendering so you can edit a file.

I definitely prefer to toggle off rendering to edit a file over having to toggle it on everytime I want to read a file, since I search and read notes more than I write them in DEVONthink.