Sean Connery doing research!

To be honest, I find it hard to identify the relevant stuff, zapping through different folders, which always gets messed up, with a lot of duplicates and forgotten documents as a result.

As part of my work I often read a lot of articles (typically .pdf’s of blog posts) which I use as inspiration for workshops, presentations, white papers and other assignments.

I most often use my iPad for reading and annotating with Dropbox as storage for the files. I also depend on a bibliography manager for citations and keeping track of authors, publication date etc.

When it comes to the actual writing, I like to toy around with the outline to get the disposition right, pull up an editor and write in fragments, drawing on notes from the various sources I’ve collected.

In the coming sections I’ve described my considerations and choices for my own research & writing workflow.


Straight from one of the leading personas in the field of creativity, Sir Ken Robinson:

The power of a really original idea like the smart phone is that it generates a storm of related innovations by other people, who become inspired by its possibilities.


Just went over this post at The Slate. Not sure how serious it is as a media channel, but this article caught my attention. It goes through President Obamas ground game during the election campaign and describes how the Romney campaign had already ordered the fireworks for the victory celebration, but had their numbers wrong.

In summary, they underestimated, the article claims, the vote turnout of African-american and Latin-american voters while targeting independent voters, who they believed would be required for Obama to win.

“We did everything we set out to do, says a top strategist about the Ohio effort. We just didn’t expect the African-American vote to be so high.African-American participation in Ohio jumped from 11 percent of the electorate to 15 percent between the 2008 and 2012 elections. We could never see that coming.”

One of the weapons of the Obama campaign was the amount of offices in major states, keeping alive the personal relationship between the voters and the campaign; as the good old Covey states, without involvement, there can be no commitment.

Getting an organization up and running, that can actually address the issues that matters most to individual groups, at a personal and group level (e.g. for young people, student loans and same-sex marriage, for Hispanics, deportation of children of illegal immigrants) is of the utmost importance if you want to connect with people.

Managing change

This relates in many ways to stakeholder engagement on even smaller scales than an American presidential election, e.g. when implementing change initiatives in organizations through programmes or projects.