I’ve recently started using Scrivener for writing larger documents. Scriveners ability to export and compile in plenty of output formats (.rtf, .odt, .docx, .ePub and even Latex) combined with it’s arrangement and research features, are the biggest takeaways for me.

Multimarkdown is also handled nicely, and combined with an app like Marked, previews of the end product is quickly available.

I’m not writing per se but am currently using Scrivener to produce training material for PRINCE2 courses, as well as longer blogposts and whitepapers. I find Scrivener really liberating compared to good ol’ Microsoft Word, essentially because the focus, as in Latex is much more on content than appearance.

Scrivener in action In the screendump I’ve got some quick references up (3 in total, the ones with the black ‘HUD’ around them) as well as the main document in the right hand side.

I’ve chosen Nighthawks by Edward Hopper as my backdrop along with a style for the editor that is reminiscent of Solarized by Ethan Schoonover.